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About us

Our specialty

The field of vascular surgery is one of the most rapidly evolving specialties in medicine. Appropriately named, the specialty involves the understanding and treatment of pathologies in the vascular system. With the advent of less invasive endovascular treatments, the armamentarium of a Vascular surgeon has never been so diverse. 


Vascular surgeons are proficient in all aspects of the vascular system as well as the medical, endovascular and open surgical management of vascular pathologies. As such, relationships between vascular surgeons and patients often last decades. Management of arterial, venous and lymphatic pathologies in chronic, acute and emergency trauma settings makes this a diverse and exciting field that fuels the passion of surgeons and trainees alike.

Our division

The University Of British Columbia (UBC) Division of Vascular Surgery is a clinical specialty within the UBC Department of Surgery. We are dedicated to excellence in education within the field of Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine.


Our Vascular Faculty consists of 18 vascular surgeons and other affiliated members. Clinical service as well as graduate and undergraduate education are provided out of Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul's Hospital, Kelowna General Hospital and Royal Jubilee Hospital. 


Our senior administrator and residents also contribute significant to our division in advancing our national and international presence as an academic institution.

About Us


The sutures that hold it all together


The conduits that keep our division flowing


The inflow of future vascular surgeons


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Program highlights

As a Royal College certified residency program, we offer the complete spectrum of vascular care. Strengths of the UBC Vascular Program include the faculty, clinical resources and an atmosphere of collegiality, cooperation and excellence.

Vascular Surgery and Endovascular rotations are based at Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul's Hospital, Kelowna General Hospital and Royal Jubilee Hospital. The surgeons have an excellent, award-winning record for delivering enthusiastic, quality education. In addition, given the size of the Division, all areas of vascular surgery are well represented in the training program. This includes open and endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial, aneurysmal and venous disease. Surgeons perform both endovascular and open procedures. Excellent relationships exist with interventional radiology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology and anaesthesiology.

Elective opportunities at other academic sites in British Columbia can be arranged. Out residents have also persued electives elsewhere in Canada and the United States as well as possibilities overseas.

Residency program

City wide rounds

Journal club




Vascular in evolution

The field of vascular surgery has been revolutionized with the advances in endovascular techniques. Novel therapies that promote improved patient outcome are being introduced on a regular basis making vascular surgery one of the fastest evolving medical fields. With the aging population and longer life expectancies, the at-risk group for vascular pathologies are ever-growing. Combined this makes it an exceptionally exciting time to be involved in vascular surgery related research.

Research opportunities are available for residents and medical students interested in vascular surgery. Specific topic of interest include:

Thoracic aortic repair

Dialysis access

Superficial and deep venous therapies

Management of critical limb ischemia

Endovascular device engineering

Medical economic analyses

Perioperative cardiac events

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Contact us

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