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Current research projects


Dr. York Hsiang


Divisional research chair: Dr. Jonathan Misskey

Divisional research advisor: Dr. York Hsiang

The UBC Division of Vascular Surgery actively participates in numerous international trials as well as have multiple basic science and clinical projects on an institutional level. Historically we maintain a strong presence at national and international meetings.


Below is a brief description of some of the ongoing projects. To see our previous work please see our publications.

Clinical trials

Deep vein valve creation - to assess the feasibility of the BlueLeaf Endovenous Valve Formation System to create autogenous  valves in patients with deep venous insufficiency. For more information please visit the InterVene website.

Stem cell injection for CLTI - to investigate the effect of stem cell injection into patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia. Please visit the Hemostemix website for more details.

Bench-top research

Smart stents - to develop a novel implantable stent capable of detecting restenosis through transcutaneous radio waves. Please visit the Scientia article for more details. 

Hydrophilic polymer embolization - to qualify and quantify the shedding of hydrophilic polymer coating on endovascular devices and its potential physiological and clinical effects.

Other projects

Perioperative medicine

Impact of perioperative medicine consultation service on vascular surgery

Utility of BNP and MINS in vascular surgery

Aortic pathologies

Accuracy of zone 2 landing in TEVAR

Factors involved in EVAR limb thrombosis

Other arterial pathologies

Access complications after TAVI

Ex vivo repair of renal artery aneurysms

Treatment for dangling carotid thrombus

Venous pathologies

Primary venous aneurysms

Percutaneous perforating vein treatment

Dialysis access

Endovascular dialysis access creation


Utility of EVAR simulations 

Mechanical back pain in vascular surgeons

Causes of delay in revascularizing acute limb ischemia

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