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City wide rounds

The weekly UBC vascular surgery city-wide rounds are topic-based seminars led by vascular residents to review and explore topics pertaining to vascular pathologies, medical and surgical therapies as well as current literature pertaining to the field of vascular surgery. Special guest speakers and divisional research rounds can also take place during this time. Rounds are held at Vancouver General Hospital in the Diamond Pavilion and teleconferenced to St. Paul's Hospital. Residents away on electives also have the capability to view the discussion via webinar. 

Rounds occur on Wednesday morning between 7-8 am.

For previous presentation topics please visit the archives:



Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Gautamn Sarwal, Jun 2nd 2021

Review of Thoracic Endograft Repair

Dr. Bill Huang, May 26th 2021


Dr. Sara Al-Adawi, May 5th 2021

TAVI & ECMO Primer & Vascular Complications: A SPH Experience

Dr. Gautamn Sarwal, Apr 28th 2021

EVAR Limb Thrombosis

Dr. Sally Choi, Apr 21st 2021

Large-Vessel Vasculitis: Takayasu's and GCA

Dr. Bill Huang, Apr 7th 2021

Venous Ulcers

Dr. Sara Al-Adawi, Mar 31st 2021

Neuromonitoring, Shunting, and Post-CEA Stroke

Dr. Bill Huang, Mar 17th 2021

Connective Tissue Disorders & Aneurysms - Overview

Dr. Alexa Mordhorst, Mar 3rd 2021

Endoanchors - How To & Outcomes

Dr. Adrian Fung, Feb 24th 2021

Neurologic Complications Post Lower Extremity Vascular Surgery

Dr. Sally Choi, Feb 3rd 2021

Vascular Skin and Soft Tissue Infection

Dr. Sara Al-Adawi, Jan 27th 2021

Infrainguinal Chronic Total Occlusion

Dr. Adrian Fung, Jan 20th 2021

SVC Syndrome

Dr. Abdalla Butt, Jan 6th 2021 

Aortoenteric Fistula

Dr. Adrian Fung, Dec 2nd 2020

Fibromuscular Dysplasia

Dr. Sally Choi, Nov 25th 2020

Radiation Safety

Dr. Alexa Mordhorst, Nov 4th 2020

Isolated Iliac Artery Aneurysm

Dr. Abdalla Butt, Oct 28th 2020

SMA Dissection

Dr. Sara Al-Adawi, Oct 21st 2020

Thrombosed hemodialysis access

Dr. Sally Choi, Sep 23rd 2020

Surgical conduits in the absence of greater saphenous vein

Dr. Abdalla Butt, Sep 16th 2020

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