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Kelowna General Hospital

Site director: Dr. Jeremy Harris​

Postgraduate education lead: Dr. Gary K Yang

Undergraduate education lead: Dr. Stephan Mostowy


Dr. Adrian Fung

Dr. Jeremy Harris

Dr. Stephan Mostowy

Dr. Jeffery Pasenau

Dr. Gary K Yang

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KGH is one of the largest hospitals in Western Canada housing more than 700 beds. It has the only cardiac and angioplasty site outside of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. The 4 staff vascular surgeons work closely together performing a wide range of open and endovascular treatments from head to toe in their dedicated hybrid OR suite.

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Trainees rotating through KGH have the opportunity to focus on both open and endovascular approaches to aortic and peripheral vascular pathologies. Furthermore, unique experiences with pacemaker implantation and peritoneal dialysis access will also be made available. The high surgical volume at KGH makes it the perfect learning ground for mid and senior level residents to develop their skills.

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