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Off-service resident & MSI guide

St. Paul's Hospital

Academic activities

Friday 0700-0800 Staff Ward Rounds

Last Friday of the month 0630-0700 M&M Rounds

Daily activity

Meet on JPS T8B at 0630

Print list 


Check in patient by 0730; patient in room by 0750 (Wednesdays 0830)

Bring up images and ensure all equipments available

Endovascular equipments may need to be signed out from IR

Ultrasound mapping of leg or arm veins


Clinics are held every Thursday and Friday as well as occasionally other days in the week

All clinics are held in the ambulatory clinic section in Burrard Building 3F

Dialysis Access Clinic

Clinics are held on Providence Building 6A

Minor Procedures

Minor procedures take place in ambulatory clinic in Burrard 3F

Radiofrequency Ablations

Most Fridays are RFA days

First case starts at 0730 in a swing room fashion

Set up sterile table, ensure all equipments ready and functional


Day: Review with Chief Resident before reviewing with staff

Night: Review with staff directly


Home calls

Post-call day granted if < 4 hrs of sleep due to in-hospital (not phone call) work


Call rooms: 6F in Burrard building

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