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Off-service resident & MSI guide

Vancouver General Hospital

Academic activities

Wednesday 0700-0800 City Wide Rounds

Thursday 0700-0800 Radiology Rounds

Thursday 0800-0900 Teaching with Dr. York Hsiang

Daily activity

Meet on JPS T8B at 0600

Print list and load cart with charts including nursing binders


Try to arrive at the beginning of the case unless otherwise told

Fill the appropriate post-op orders and labels as well as med transfer orders

See the patient in pre-op and perform appropriate pre-op exam

Check consent, allergy sheet, ensure antibiotics, antiplatelet and anticoagulant are appropriately given or held

Pull up the appropriate images in the OR


Arrive by 0730 and trade in ID at OR front desk for temporary badge

Change in locker; bring own lock

Check in patient in pre-op and mark

IR Lines

Arrive by 0730 and check in patients and find appropriate lead

Ensure post-op CXR normal

Diamond Vascular Clinic

Clinics are in DHCC 4F

Check in with respective MOA of the staff prior to attending clinic

Morning clinics usually start at 0800; afternoon starts at 1300 but are subject to change

Formal attire required for clinic; scrubs need to have white coat on top

Dialysis Access Clinic

Clinics held in JPPS 1F dialysis unit

Check in with respective MOA of the staff running the dialysis access clinic prior to attending

Ambulatory Care Clinic

Minor procedure rooms are in DHCC 3F

Check in with respective MOA of the staff prior to attending

Scrubs are required 


Day: Review with Senior resident before reviewing with staff

Night: Review with staff directly


Home calls

Post-call day granted if < 4 hrs of sleep due to in-hospital (not phone call) work


Call rooms:

8A Resident office

Diamond Resident office

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