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Undergraduate training


Director of Undergraduate Education: Dr. Jonathan Misskey


Site Education Leads

VGH: Dr. Jonathan Misskey

SPH: Dr. Shaun MacDonald

KGH: Dr. Stephen Mostowy

RJH: Dr. Nadra Ginting


Dr. Jonathan Misskey

Year 1 Clinical skills

Medical students will get the opportunity to learn about the basics of vascular surgery as well as have hands-on experience in performing focused examination on vascular patients including acquiring the ankle-brachial-index. The vascular clinical skills seminar occurs in the Spring. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Year 2 Vascular surgery workshop

Year 3 & 4 Clerkship rotations 

In partnership with the Undergraduate Surgery Club, our division hosts an annual vascular surgery workshop where second year medical students can gain hands-on experience in endovascular surgery, CT scan interpretation, ultrasound-guided line insertion, as well as suturing and knot-tying. This workshop usually takes place in the Fall.


UBC medical students have the option to rotation through vascular surgery as part of their core clerkship during the surgical block. These can take place at either VGH, SPH, KGH (Kelowna) or RJH (Victoria). Students typically spend two weeks on service learning the various vascular pathologies and their respective medical and surgical managements.

Elective students can arrange for two or four weeks elective at VGH, SPH or KGH to further strengthen their knowledge of the field as well as learn about our residency program. Interested students can apply through the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) website

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