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Vancouver General Hospital

Division head: Dr. Kirk Lawlor 

Postgraduate education lead: Dr. Jason Faulds

Undergraduate education lead: Dr. Jonathan Misskey


Dr. Keith Baxter

Dr. Jerry Chen

Dr. Jason Faulds

Dr. Kirk Lawlor

Dr. Jonathan Misskey


Dr. Kirk Lawlor

VGH is the largest hospital in BC and second largest in Canada. As a level 1 trauma centre, VGH hosts a variety of tertiary services to adult patients with close to half of the patients being referred from outside the Greater Vancouver Area. With 7 staff vascular surgeons and a dedicated vascular step-down unit, VGH is the main training site for UBC vascular residents.

VGH is home to the state of the art hybrid theatre that became functional in 2017. The theatre is also equipped with a dedicated ultrasound and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) making it the ideal facility for treating the highest volume of thoracoabdominal aortic pathologies in the province. The close collaboration with Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Radiology brings about the excellence in both open and endovascular techniques.

hybrid VGH_edited.jpg

The Vascular Surgery service at VGH extends out to affiliated sites at the UBC Hospital and the ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre to carry out dialysis access and venous procedures. Furthermore, the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Center provides the perfect site to carry out minor procedures as well as endovenous interventions for venous disease. As a result, trainees at this institute are truly exposed to the whole breadth of vascular pathologies.

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