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Royal Jubilee Hospital

Site director: Dr. Nadra Ginting

Postgraduate education lead: Dr. Matthew Robinson

Undergraduate education lead: Dr. Nadra Ginting


Dr. Nadra Ginting

Dr. Peter Kuechler

Dr. Shung Lee

Dr. Brandon McGuinness

Dr. Matthew Robinson

Royal Jubilee Hospital.jpg

As the only vascular centre on Vancouver Island, this 500-bed hospital receives referrals from coastal BC and Yukon. The 4 staff vascular surgeons offer all spectrums of open and endovascular therapy as well as advanced venous treatments. It has one of the highest volumes of carotid operations in Canada.

The RJH rotation is best suited for residents in the mid to senior level in order to optimize learning on the high volume of surgical procedures. The newly built Patient Care Centre houses the latest technologies making it a comfortable environment for patients and staffs alike.

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